“Threaten them with extinction!”, John McCain

Remember the one who preached “love your enemies”?

In response to terror the USA created the “Patriot Act”, “Authorization for the use of military force”, and now the Drone program. Today, the powers to spy, the resulting Iraq invasion, and attacking terrorists with drones are all recognized as actions perpetuating war and hate. 

What would be a good way to combat terrorism? Does America just want to kill or does America want peace and liberty? I will assume most Americans want the latter. 

Peace and Liberty in the USA cannot be achieved if we seek it only within our borders. George Washington expounded that reediness for war is the greatest deterrent to aggression. He also warned against the destruction of liberty by a overgrown military establishment.

“Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty”.George Washington

The USA no longer has a “Department of Defense”. It has become the “Department of Global Threats and Intimidation “. The constant threat of American military domination must end. 


Our GOP fear mongers would have us believe the military budget is too small and must be increased. In addition, we are too poor to continue funding education, food, healthcare, scientific research, housing, and everything else that is not military at current levels.

Our GOP also believes that money paid in good faith by 98% of Americans for Social Security, medicaid, and medicare must be taken for other purposes.

Our GOP halted progress in economic recovery by killing all Jobs legislation as irresponsible spending.

Our GOP promoted contraction of the economy and elimination of jobs through “Sequestration”. 

Our GOP is promoting war over prosperity. It is US military spending, the concept that the world needs to be what we demand it be, that is the cause of much suffering in the world. We have neither the right nor the responsibility to police the world, to impose our laws on the world.

Peace is like the ice that fractures rock. Promotion of peace is what brought down the Berlin wall. The USA did not drop bombs on East Berlin, the USA, together with our allies, dropped food. Peace and compassion together with strong allied defense destroyed the USSR. 

Remember the “War to end all wars” later renamed “World War 1”? Each breeds it’s own kind. Promotion of war creates war. War does not create peace. 

Peace and prosperity creates peace and prosperity. Is America strong enough to “love our enemies”? Peace is the only just action that can destroy our enemies. 

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