Neither Barack Obama nor his mother ever lived in Kenya

Reading Barack Obama’s Bio, I find his mother was born in Wichita Kansas, lived in America continuously until Barack was 6 years old. (That makes him a US citizen, natural born). Barack’s father was Kenyan.

Neither Barack nor his mother ever lived in Kenya. They lived together with his step-father in Tibet for about 4 years . (Note: Kenya and Tibet are on different continents.) Barack moved back to Hawaii at age 10 and lived with his grandparents until he went to Occidental College, Los Angeles, then Columbia University, New York, then grad school at Harvard.

I found his Bio a very interesting and very American tale.

Yet, by GOP propaganda, there are people in this country who believe he is not an American but Kenyan.

What did we call people in elementary school that made up lies about people and spread gossip? Today they are called the GOP.

GOP mission: Destroy America and Blame it on Obama.

Here is my references, if you think I am wrong please educate me, include references that are more reliable. (wikipedia is full of errors)


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