Another victory for the NRA. 3 year old shot in the head.

The insanity that supports the notion that an armed society is a safe society needs to be replaced with recognition of the facts.

The Stated purpose of the US Constitution: We the people…. , to insure domestic tranquility,….”, has been erased from the mind of lawmakers who claim to support it.

Any interpretation of any part of the supreme law of the land that contradicts it’s stated purposes is wrong. Congress is obligated to act in the best interest of society as a whole.

The refusal to regulate firearms is criminal. Congress is guilty of reckless endangerment of every child in America.

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2 thoughts on “Another victory for the NRA. 3 year old shot in the head.

  1. What I find ironic is when people will shout as loud as possible about “2nd Amendment rights” and they dare the government to even try to enact any type of restrictions on ownership, etc. that they forget about the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd Amendment.

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