USA is going to war in Syria, against Assad, Russia, and Iran.

John Kerry, today: Undeniable fact that chemical weapons used by Assad, families died in bed, 100’s of children killed. Obama reviewing situation with national security team and communicating with congress. Assad continues shelling of the same neighborhood.

To me, it sounded like justification for War in Syria, USA is in it. No doubt the USA military can spread war to all neighboring countries:Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. Iran and Russia also directly support Assad.

USA military cannot do anything good acting alone. This is a no win scenario. Will any other nation on earth care enough to act?

I am sure the USA military can to raise the death toll and suffering far beyond anything Assad could do alone. USA military can destroy Assad. War will not bring peace any more than the “Great War”, aka WW1, brought peace. It took 2 world wars to convince the nations of Europe to stop.¬†

There is simply no good thing to do. My question: “What is the least evil course of action?” It is up to Obama to decide.¬†

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One thought on “USA is going to war in Syria, against Assad, Russia, and Iran.

  1. Shelley

    Nothing else to say. You’ve said it all.

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