“Limited” military action in Syria?

Launching missiles into another country is WAR.

Consider this passed “limited” military action. Was it an act of war?

On December 7th, 1941, The Emperor of Japan launched a 1 day, limited military action, with no boots on the ground, hitting specific targets in a surgical strike at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. They then withdrew. The purpose being a USA oil embargo against the Empire of Japan.

The equivocation that a limited military strike is “not actually going to war” is misleading and false. Any military strike is an act of war.

A military strike in Syria, no matter why, no matter how limited, regardless of “boots on the ground” is a declaration of war.

An alternative response would be simple. instead of spending $300 million on bombs, write a $300 million check to the UN refugee relief fund. That would make me proud of my country.

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2 thoughts on ““Limited” military action in Syria?

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