Assad vs Al-qeada: All nations have a moral obligation to help the good guys.

Who are the good guys? The ones without guns. They can be found in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt. Yes, even Egypt in the middle of a political crisis of their own have taken 110,000 refugees. American military threats have only caused more suffering of the innocent.

The exodus has increased in the wake of American threats of military action. Innocent victims of this political power struggle flee in fear the USA. There are no good guys with guns. Any attempt to help one side or the other is simply supporting evil.

Over 2 million have fled Syria in all directions. Families and war orphaned children flood into countries that cannot absorb the displaced.

Punishing Assad for using chemical weapons is moot. Everything about this war is evil. Supporting the good guys is not a military exercise.

Cut the USA’s defense department (department of global threats and intimidation) from 791 billion to 790 billion and send the 1 billion to the UN refugee fund. Nothing else can possibly be called “Justice”.

Any Jackass can fight. Is America strong enough to not fight? Is America strong enough to help?

Zaatari refugee camp

The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home to 115,000 Syrians

100,000 have died. Syria has a long way to go before they reach the 600,000 American’s killed in the American civil war. American Military action can only help them reach America’s record slaughter. This is madness.

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