Nothing American, Nothing Christian, Nothing intelligent in this picture.

Bad enough that these Anti-Americans are:Reps. Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert speak in Egypt
rejecting Jobs legislation,
lying about the affordable Care Act,
against protecting the environment,
cutting funding for education,
anti developing alternative energies,
continuing federal Big Oil subsidies,
Opposing equal rights for all Americans,
blocking immigration reform,
blasting equal treatment for minorities in the federal court system,
against universal background checks for firearm purchasers,
assaulting access to constitutionally guaranteed women’s health care,
against reducing the Federal Prison Population, Gerrymandering congressional districts, denying the right to vote to political opponents,

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Now they have taken their “Destroy America and Blame it on Obama” campaign overseas undermining diplomatic efforts in Egypt.


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3 thoughts on “Nothing American, Nothing Christian, Nothing intelligent in this picture.

  1. Reendog

    As someone noted: “The Axis of Ignorance”

  2. Danny Davis

    You blow me away with your wit, intelligence, succinct ability to spell it out and support your words and opinions. Keep the wheels turning Jim. Best always. Danny

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