Opposition to government transfers power to the wealthy 1%.

Money is power, power to use and abuse. A government is the only power that can restrict the abuses by the wealthy. The power of the government can be destroyed. Convince the people they hate the government. Support election of unprincipled people that will pass legislation eliminating restrictions. This transfers the power from the people to the wealthy. This is capitalism unchecked.

Learn from history. Government restrictions evolved in America out of necessity.

In the 1920’s corporations paid less that a living wage leaving the work force to starve. Instead of raising wages, the “company store” was created. Any employee could survive by accepting credit for groceries from the corporations. As a result, every payday the employee was deeper in debt without hope of ever being able repay the debt.

Soon all workers owed more than their entire pay to the company store. To quit or get fired would bring the debt payable in full.  In order to leave, the worker must buy his freedom. This is indentured servitude. 

In addition to indentured servitude, safety was the workers responsibility. If your arm was torn off by a machine, for example, the worker was responsible to pay for any damage to the machine done by your arm.

Cheaper labor raises profits. If a man was paid a dollar for a factory job, a 12 year old child could be paid a dime, and a slave could do it for a crumb of bread.

Due to the abuse of the power of money, big government “interfered”, a short list.

  1. The XIII Amendment made slavery unconstitutional severely increasing cost of labor and cutting profits of southern businesses. Also this gave basic freedom to millions.
  2. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 put every child under the age of 16 in America out of work and into school. This not only cut corporate profits, child labor laws caused property taxes to pay for education to skyrocket. This also created a highly educated work force and improved the lives of all people.
  3. Organized labor, embolden by FDR in the 1930’s “New Deal” allowed workers to form strong unions and shut down factories thus forcing corporations to improve conditions. This included job security, a 40 hour work week, and pay standards which allowed parents to be home and raise their families.
  4. Minimum wage and food stamps took the power to enslave the workers away from the corporations. This also enables many to live in dignity and become consumers.
  5. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) forced corporations to take responsibility for work related injures thus cutting into corporate profits. It also motivated corporations to create safer work environments to reduce injures and reduce the number of orphans, widows, and disabled Americans.
  6. The Environmental Protection Agency required corporations to stop practices that destroy the opportunity for human life to exist. This also improved the health, productivity, and quality of life for all people and wildlife.
  7. The Federal Banking Commission and other banking regulation agencies of government stabilized the economy principally by restricting behavior that was unethical, risky, and highly profitable. The resulting safeguards protected the savings and investments for all people.
  8. The Federal Corrupt Practices Act of 1925 outlawed corporate money in politics, it was given no enforcement until the Federal Elections Campaign Act of 1971 and the formation of the Federal Elections Commission (FCC) in 1974.

The result of the improved life for all Americans was great benefit to corporations. Business found they had 98% more customers and America became the richest nation on earth, all due to the “Pesky government regulations” that interfere with business. Due to the great wealth of America, the American military became the most powerful force on the planet. Capitalism unchecked is self destructive.

Big Business is fighting back seeking to undermine the power of the Government to check the power of the 1% to use, abuse, and force the rest of the nation into servitude. The next time you hear “These are the job creators”, think twice. 

Using their untold wealth, the propaganda campaign against the peoples government has managed to cause many people to support their own oppression.

 In order to oppose taxes on cigarettes and medical research concerning the health risks of smoking, the tobacco industry created “Consumers for Sound Economy”. The name itself is propaganda. The name was changed to “Tea Party” claiming to support personal freedom and independence. This would be great if it were true. The Tea Party was then joined and dominated by Koch industries – Mega billionaire oil rich Koch Brothers. (principle proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline). “Citizens United”, another name that is pure propaganda, also is dominated by mega billionaires, seeks to weaken government and transition power to themselves by controlling election campaigns. 

The tea party and Citizens United have continually pressed opposition to government, Propaganda campaigns include claims that we must get big government out of our households, churches, and personal lives. This would be great if it were true. The real success of the Tea Party and Citizens United is to remove the checks on capitalism that allowed America to be strong.

Propaganda includes:

  1. Destroy Public Education. Spin the action as “Privatize Education” leading to elimination of the property taxes business pays.
  2. Demonize Organized labor. Spin the action as “right to work”. Mega Billionaire supported PAC’s such as Citizens United and the Tea Party find organized labor is the largest single political force protecting workers from employer abuses.
  3. Eliminate the Minimum wage. Spin the action as a way to create more jobs and expand the economy. Historically this has been proven to do the opposite. Jobs are created by demand for goods and services by customers with money.
  4. Eliminate SNAP. Spin this action as “Getting all those lazy freeloaders out of the taxpayers pockets” and “Public Assistance recipients are drug addicts”. Facts are clear, less than $1 out of $100 is questionable and the cost of drug testing is far higher than the assistance itself. The vast majority of SNAP recipients are working for minimum wage, are children, elderly, or disabled persons.
  5. Eliminate Workman’s compensation. Spin this as “The greedy lawyers are raping the system”. It is workman’s compensation that allows many families to recover and become productive. Corporate opposition to American families creates the need for a court system to enforce the law.
  6. Eliminate federal banking regulations. Spin this as “Regulations restrict the growth of the economy and costs jobs”. The past 30 years of erosion of banking regulations is the chief cause of the 2008 recession.
  7. Eliminate health care reform. Spin this with lies. The health care industry seeks to make heath care as profitable as possible. That’s capitalism unchecked. Health care reform seeks to make health care affordable. The two goals are diametrically opposed. 
  8. Buy Elections. Spin this as “Right to free speech”. Corporations are now considered people and can spend unlimited funds to influence elections. For a congress person to support campaign finance reform is to face unlimited campaign spending against reelection. 

Hate your government? Fear your government? Then give all power to the wealthy eliminating democracy. Be a slave to the wealthy. 

Be actively involved in supporting government regulation of business and keep America free and prosperous.

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One thought on “Opposition to government transfers power to the wealthy 1%.

  1. Rob

    It is no coincidence that the present day electoral map is virtually identical to that of 1860. At that time, when a Southern politician or editorial opinion used the word “liberty”, they meant “slavery”. “Customs and heritage” meant feudal oligarchy. When they complained of insults to their “honor”, they were expressing outrage at the nation’s reluctance to be dictated to. Sound familiar? The Orwellian newspeak of the right has been handed down for generations, as has the tradition of regularly threatening great damage to the nation in order to maintain disproportionate influence by a cadre if radical, self-dealing politicians and the narrow special interests they actually represent.

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