Get over the Ego trip, there are too many innocent lives at stake.

Obama laid down the “red line”. As of today, Syria has agreed to a treaty. No longer will it manufacture, posses, or use chemical weapons. Syria has invited the UN to remove chemical weapons from the country.

Why the debate on whether it was the threat of war from the US or the coercion from Russia that lead Al-Assad to sign the treaty? Did the war posture of Obama force Putin to lean on Al-Assad? Did Putin steal the power from Obama? Why should we care? 

If the goal is to eliminate chemical weapons, everyone won. Only if the goal was to find an excuse for US military action can anyone say Obama lost.

This war is not between Putin and Obama. This war is between Syria and Syria. The only cause is a desire for power from 2 opposing groups. The victims are innocent Syrians whose only desire is to live in relative peace and security with the ones they love.

Whether Al-Assad stays in power or not, Syrians have already lost. Syrians will no doubt despise any foreign force which increases their misery. Military action will only increase there suffering. 

Food, medicine, and a place to be until the Waring factions are done killing each other is what is needed. Help can only come in the form of such relief. Over 2 million people have fled the carnage. Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt have accepted them but cannot support them. 

America has sent more than any other nation, 1 Billion. That leaves the UN refugee relief fund about 4.4 billion short. Any military action will no doubt far exceed 4.4 billion. 

Deal with the real crisis and get over the Ego debate over whether or not Obama got “out maneuvered” by Putin. 

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