NRA puppet Republicans force America to allow gun industry to arm Al-Qaeda.

The USA sponsored an international treaty to curb the flow of arms to terrorists. The treaty affects flow of arms between nations and in no way affects the internal laws or politics inside any country. The treaty has nothing to do with the right to bare arms within the USA.

154 Nations signed on to the treaty. Only Iran, Syria, and North Korea rejected the treaty in the United Nations vote.

Although the USA did vote for the treaty at the UN, by the US Constitution, no treaty is binding on the USA until ratified in the Senate. 

Curbing the flow of arms to terrorists would cut into the gun industries profits therefor the NRA puppet republican party refused to allow it to be ratified in the Senate. What was the justification? A lie. 

The GOP claimed the treaty was an Obama attempt to circumvent the 2nd amendment and justify taking American’s guns away. With this lie, the USA sided with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. 

The fact that the treaty is not binding on the USA leaves American gun industry free to arm terrorists. 

11 people were killed in Nairobi by Al-Qaeda. All who refuse to oppose Al-Qaeda on all fronts directly support them. The GOP shares the guilt, and in effect America, in these deaths. 

That is the “strong leadership” of the GOP that makes me ashamed of my country.

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