One can only call job creation a waste of money if your rich.


GOP: investment in America and creating jobs, a waste of government money.

Instead of working toward a stronger America, the GOP is fixated on keeping health care out of reach.

Federal expenditures to rebuild US infrastructure and thereby create jobs was Included in Obama’s proposed budget. GOP rejected the proposition as “wasteful government spending”.

They in turn went with the Sequester costing over 900,000 jobs. 

Now even the debate of job creation, economic recovery, has been hijacked by the GOP. The Sequester will continue without debate. The entire conversation is centered on the Senator Ted Cruz lead, Koch brothers funded, GOP lies that making health care obtainable for all is “A train wreck”. 

Those citizens who hate the none existent law “Obamacare” are fully ignorant of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The opposition is simply from those who believe the lies the Koch brothers owned Tea Party have propagated.

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One thought on “One can only call job creation a waste of money if your rich.

  1. Rob

    It is no coincidence that the present day electoral map is virtually identical to that of 1860. At that time, when a Southern politician or editorial opinion used the word “liberty”, they meant “slavery”. “Customs and heritage” meant feudal oligarchy (hence the “Heritage Foundation” which dictates to the GOP). When they complained of insults to their “honor”, they were expressing outrage at the nation’s reluctance to be dictated to by an extremist minority.. Sound familiar? The Orwellian newspeak of the right has been handed down for generations, as has the tradition of regularly threatening great damage to the nation in order to maintain disproportionate influence by a cadre if radical, self-dealing politicians and the narrow special interests they actually represent.

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