Obamacare is a myth, it does not exist.

Obamacare: a government takeover of health care creating death panels, killing the elderly, women, and children, putting the government between you and your doctor, and destroying the economy, Relax, Obamacare does not exist.

Obamacare is a corporate puppet GOP myth.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a set of insurance regulations that end corporate abuse that prevents millions from obtaining health care. These abuses have led to suffering and millions of deaths from treatable illness. This insurance company abuse costs America up to $1 trillion a year. The obscene corporate profit is paid by everyone who sees a doctor or takes a pill. This is reality.

This is another clear example of the GOP tactic of falsely accusing others of doing what they are factually doing.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does create competition in the Insurance industry, a free market, and gives Americans choices. That is the opposite of “Government takeover”. The ACA also caps profits at 15%. This free market will no doubt cut heavily into corporate profits thus the push back from the rich who care nothing about the suffering and death their systems create. 

The Koch funded Tea Party line that the ACA is a bad thing is nothing more than corporate lies to preserve a system of making the rich richer at the cost of 98% of Americans. 

Fact: The marketplace was created on October 1st, 2013. The market is only 2 days old at this point.

Just like the claims about the non-existent Obamacare, these corporate puppets in Washington have been claiming that something that did not exist is failing. Koch funded Tea Party has claimed since 2009 that the market has failed. Again, until yesterday, the market did not exist. 

Another myth: “Defund Obamacare”. Consider “Defund Speed limits”. That does not change speed limits on the highway. Defunding health insurance regulations does not change the law. Everyone still must obey the law or face the consequences. 

Another myth: repeal of Obamacare will save money. Fact: Obamacare saved over $716 million a year in government waste, pure corporate profit for doing nothing. Repealing Obamacare would put that tax money back into private corporate coffers. 

Many many other myths exist. Since this is a post and not a dissertation I will stop here. 

General principle: If the GOP accuses the democrats of doing something evil, it is to draw attention away from the fact that the GOP is doing that very thing.

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13 thoughts on “Obamacare is a myth, it does not exist.

  1. Thanks for telling it like it is!

  2. I agree and it is incredibly disturbing and disappointing at the same time how many people eagerly eat this GOP propaganda right up!

    I honestly fear that this nation will head the way of the Gilded Era or some Latin American plutocracy!

    • It appears to me Oligarchy is the direction we are going. The wealthiest 1% own more and more congress persons and they make the rules.

  3. Plutocracy for sure. Our Democracy has been attacked with this Goverment shutdown. These fools will stop at nothing, they have no concern for us Americans. Their agenda really is to decrease the surplus population. “Keep them poor and sick” this is their motto.They do not want government because government is for the commonwealth of the people and they want to rule. Charles and David Koch are the masters and the puppets are paid well.

  4. I wish I knew a cure! This country has a long history of “Disease’ The Disease of Greed, Inequality, White Supremacy, etc. Money is very powerful and those at the top are the bullies who will do all they can to remain the Fuedal Lords that we are now being ruled by. Unfortunately they have brainwashed the masses and if one does not open their eyes and become aware of just where this country is headed, well, I really am afraid of the outcome. This Ted Cruz guy is really very scarey, he is a Dominionist and these people do not believe in Democracy. I know his father thinks his son is “the chosen one’. Just listen to Ted Cruz talk, be afraid, be very afraid.

    • With elected representatives like Elizabeth Warren and others who are not afraid to speak against big money there is a cure. Democracy works only if people participate. Vote.

  5. I love Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders. They are definitely fighting for our Democracy. I vote but I sometimes feel like a lone voice in a sea of political wolves.

    • Feeling irrelevant? That is the propaganda message they want your to receive. You are not allow, you are part of a huge community made out of people just like you. We outnumber the wolves 1,000,000 to 1, unless we give up and choose not to vote.

  6. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing

    Hold a massive election to replace all of them by popular vote?

    • We have many who are working hard to fix what’s wrong. If we replace all of congress will it not just replace one flawed crowd with another?

      We must educate ourselves and vote more responsibly.

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