Why so complicated a system for electing a president?

I have noticed several people following from outside the USA. So I would thought I would comment on the extremely complicated process of electing a President, and why over half the country ends up not approving of the Presidents performance.

I had a concept of America as one country before I ventured out of the Southwest. Taking a road trip, about 2 weeks, traveling from coast to coast, north to south, I felt like I had traveled to a different country every place I stopped. I began to realize that the United States is not as united as I thought.

Every state is, in many ways, it’s own country. Imagine Europe electing one Chief executive for all countries, impossible. In America, we select one chief executive for all 50 different countries every 4 years. This is no simple task. Some states are going to love the president, some will hate the president. That is why a presidential approval rating over 40% is rarely achieved. 

The electoral college is used to balance power of dense population and state rights . The state of California with 40 million people would rule New Mexico with only 2 million people in any election. The electoral college makes all states relevant. It is rare but possible to receive less votes and be elected. GW Bush for example lost the popular vote and won the election. Yes, a majority of Americans hated W from the start.

I welcome any comments or corrections. Please comment.

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7 thoughts on “Why so complicated a system for electing a president?

  1. Rob

    From the Brave New World Republican/English translation dictionary:

    1. Republican “liberty” means the freedom of the rich and powerful to enslave everyone else. Derived from the Confederate Doublespeak “liberty”,–“institutionalized slavery”.

    2. Republican “pride” means “arrogance”. Derived from the Confederate Doublespeak “honor”, –“a strong feeling of resentment in an extremist minority if the majority refuses to be intimidated.”

    3. Republican “negotiation” means “you give, we take”. Usually, Democratic agreement to capitulate on all points of disagreement is a precondition to “negotiations” with Republicans.

    4. Republican “majority” means “the people who support us, regardless of how many or how few they are.”

    5. Republican “the American people”–see: “majority”. It is important to remember that those who do not support the Republican party are not real Americans. This is true because it has been repeated ten million times.

    I hope this information will help people to understand the apparent nonsense of Boehner’s statements. It is important to understand that today’s Republican leadership represents a very narrow spectrum of wealthy, powerful oligarchs, and necessarily reflects the view that the rightful role of most people in society is analogous to the role of medieval agrarian serfs. Therefore, when he says “we don’t have the votes”, he means “members of Congress who support my position are in the minority. Therefore, voting will not be permitted.

  2. Excellent & realistic post, congrats! 🙂 During our 5 years spent in Houston, TX, we did visit other states and you’re right:”the United States is not as united as I thought.” You’ve mentioned bush who “won” twice… it was THE (bad!) surprise for the whole planet, after the illegal invasion & occupation of Iraq and the total mess… 😦 After 8 years of bush&co, Prez-Obama & his administration can’t fix the disastrous heritage left by the reps!
    – – –
    @”Imagine Europe electing one Chief executive for all countries, impossible.” – I do confirm from France, “old Europe”… 🙂
    – – –
    my very best and thanx for dropping by my post, it’s an honor, Sir! Respectful regards, Mélanie

    • You are so sweet. Thanks for reading and for your input.

      • my pleasure, Sir! Angus, I never click on “like” without readin’ a post like certain “traffic hunters”… I’m serious. That’s why I did mention at “about”: Traffic hunters are easily detected, definitely and completely ignored! 🙂 If you do read and really enjoy a post, I’ll be happy to hear from you, via your comment(s), so NO fake or automatical “likes”, please! 🙂
        – – –
        Merci encore for your constant visits and for your time, I do appreciate… Stay healthy, “cool”-optimistic and have a sunny day! 🙂 Mélanie

      • Your pictures and captions are always sweet and welcome. I follow very few blogs. I finds yours enjoyable.

  3. Thanx a bunch of sunflowers for your kind and friendly words… my playground is a stress-free place “Far from the (real!) Madding Crowd”(Thomas Hardy’s novel!)… 🙂

    sunny thoughts & respectful regards, Mélanie
    – – –
    P.S. http://balauru.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/october-sunflower-fields-around-my-village/

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