No vote republicans = No Democracy in America

Democracy works, The GOP lead House does not due to anti-democracy policy called the “Hastert Rule”. Beginning with Newt Gingrich in 1995 the GOP has practiced the Hastert Rule, blocking votes on any legislation that did not have majority support within the GOP.

This is how the Hastert Rule works.

First, by Article 1, section 2, clause 5 of the constitution, the Speaker of the House is elected by House of representative members of the majority party. Since the republican party gained a majority in the house in 2010, the republicans choose the speaker. For a republican to be elected Speaker a representative must agree with the “Hastert Rule”.

Second, the Speaker of the House sets the days business. If the Speaker does not schedule a vote then a vote does not happen.   Today, this means that 117 republicans of the 435 members of the House can veto any legislation. This minority control of congress has created the current gridlock in congress.

The result of this minority rule is the least effective congress in the history of the United States. This congress has been unable to pass something as critical as a federal budget. What has passed consistently supports the transfer of wealth to the wealthiest by oppression of all others. Example: The farm bill that passed sends billions to agribusiness and makes deep cuts in food assistance to the poor.

In a democracy issues are settled with a vote. The republican Hastert Rule blocks voting. Today there exists 200 democratic votes plus between 22 and 75 republican votes in the house to end the current government shutdown and raise the debt limit. This is a majority. Following the Hastert Rule, Speaker of the house John Boehner refuses to allow a vote.

The GOP tactic: Claim to be speaking for the majority and blaming the President and democrats for refusing to negotiate to draw attention away from the fact that he is supporting a minority against the will of the people and is refusing to negotiate.

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2 thoughts on “No vote republicans = No Democracy in America

  1. Rob

    Good post. For more insight into GOTP tactics and rhetoric, read American history during the period of 1837 through 1861.

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