The GOP myth of “Obamacare” comes between you and your doctor?

Today’s example of the principle that when the GOP falsely accuses Obama of something it is to draw attention away from the fact the GOP is doing that very thing.

In this factual situation a pregnant woman is jailed, causing her to lose her job for the crime of not having the money to pay for proper prenatal care.

This woman shared with a medical assistant at a free clinic that she has a problem with addiction to the prescription pain killer Percocet. She admits she is taking Suboxone to combat Percocet withdrawal. She is drug tested and found to be taking Suboxone and is not taking anything else. 

The medical advice: continue the Suboxone but under a doctors supervision.

If the Affordable Care Act was fully implemented this would not be a problem. She would have access to health care. Since she cannot afford health care a doctor’s care is not available.

Enter the Wisconsin GOP laws, she is arrested and jailed for the crime of not having the money to get proper prenatal care. “Obamacare” is coming between you and your doctor? GOP laws caused this woman to lose her job based on conversation between her and a medical assistant. Why lie to your health care provider? Because the GOP laws will lock you up.

The GOP comes between her and her doctor. The Affordable Care Act seeks to provide her and her unborn child a doctor’s care.

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