Ted Cruz, loves fiction, loves to hide facts.

Every effort to “reduce the size of blotted government” is clearly aimed at the hiding facts that would expose the truth about his selling out of the government to the Plutocracy. Cruz seeks to strip the government of the ability to govern giving all political power to the wealthy that line his pockets. 

Who funds Ted Cruz? The number one supporter of the Tea Party which funds him is Koch Industries who got their family fortune from Joseph Stalin, leader of the USSR from 1920’s to 1953. Although Fred Koch reportedly despised Stalin, he loved his money.


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5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, loves fiction, loves to hide facts.

  1. To single out a politician for loving fiction and to hide the facts seems like an oxymoron. That aside, I like to steer clear of political and religion conversations unless eye ball to eye ball, even then who can do this as a communication, conversation, and not turn it into war? Wanted to stop by and say hey to you at any rate. Paulette

    • Ted Cruz singled himself out. First by conducting a nation wide Koch funded disinformation campaign. Second by spreading the GOP Myth called “Obamacare” that fictitiously harms millions of Americans. Third by denying the facts that millions of Americans have already benefited from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that he refuses to acknowledge exists. Forth by leading the charge of 24 billion dollars of government waste in the shutdown.

      • No argument with anyone of this (& I’m aware of it). My comment was more tongue in cheek about politicians lying and hiding facts. Of course, there are those way off the bell curve. Really, I wanted to pop by and say hey, but honestly I don’t like cyber back and forth on politics and religion. Stop by and visit some time, chew some food with us, and all conversations are welcome in our casa. You’ve been kind to stop by my site. I wanted to return the kindness. I should have been more clear on that point. 🙂

      • Caution: I have way of showing up where invited. Thanks for stopping by my site. I do enjoy honest conversation in person or written. Thanks for taking the time to comment and reply.

  2. Caution well received, lol. You’ve a stimulating site that I enjoy checking in on. 😉

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