Senator Lindsey Graham exploits death of Americans, aids Al-Qaeda.

How can killing 4 people in Libya freeze all senate appointments? How can one small attack do such damage to the United States? That would be success beyond the hopes of Al-Qaeda. With the help of Senator Lindsey Graham, the terrorists success in Libya is now beyond their wildest dreams.

The US Senate can subpoena anyone at any time. Lindsey Graham pretends key people have not been made available. Senator Graham’s contradictory statements such as “we need to get away from the blame game and where was Hillary Clinton?”. Yes, he said that in one sentence. All he seeks is blame.

Who told Susan Rice, who told Obama? were other questions Senator Graham pretends not to know the answers to in his disinformation campaign. Such exploitation of the tragic event is both degenerate and despicable.

If the attack on the Benghazi embassy only killed 4 people then the attack causes sorrow and no affect on America government. Lindsey Graham seeks to make the attack a greater success by freezing all senate appointments. Al-Qaeda could not have hoped for such success.

Al-Qaeda #1 alley in the USA? Senator Lindsey Graham. To hear it in his own words just follow the link below.

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