SeaTac, Washington, ending Food Stamps the right way.

Step one in economic growth is a fair days pay for a fair days work. Everyone wins when labor is respected.

The Seattle Tacoma international airport, aka SeaTac, is located in Washington state halfway between the major cities of Seattle and Tacoma. Around the airport grew a town of  baggage handlers, jet fuelers, and cabin cleaners who receive minimum wage and rely on food stamps to feed their children, 6,000 workers in a town of 27,000.

These 6,000 workers whose income was subsidized by the Federal Government just got a raise to $15 per hour, about $31,000 per year. These 6,000 families are no longer eligible for welfare. That is the right way to cut government spending. This is a transfer of wealth from the under-taxed 1% to the labor that makes the rich rich.

This is investing in America. Investments that create huge dividends.

The multiplier affect of added income of such a large percent of the population will soon follow. Now that families have a little discretionary income every business in town will see a boost in customers. It will also create new business opportunities for the 1% and thus more jobs for the 98%. Everyone wins when labor is respected.

This economic progress is the result of citizens voting. SeaTac is not alone. New Jersey voters cancelled Governor Chris Christie’s veto of a minimum wage of only $8.25 per hour. This is enough to offset the GOP’s cut in food stamps of about $36 a month per family. $8.25 is neither a fair days wage for a fair days work nor enough to raise families up to the poverty line. Poverty wages simply line the pockets of the 1% with the earnings of the 98%.

$8.25 per hour leaves a vast number of the population without discretionary income, business with few customers, and no new business opportunities for the 1%. Everyone loses when labor is exploited and abused.

With Governor Christie’s resistance to a fair wage, NJ remains near the top in unemployment and no real plan for growth. This is the GOP model for America, leave American’s to labor for slave wages and wonder why the economy is not growing.

For more details just click the link below.

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2 thoughts on “SeaTac, Washington, ending Food Stamps the right way.

  1. Hi there! 🙂 you might be interested by this article:
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    Have a great Sunday and a formidable week! Mélanie

    • Very interesting Melanie, thank you for the international perspective. If I read the article right it’s saying that S&P is nothing but guesswork, no one knows the facts. Certainly a valid opinion. I disagree but so what. That is what good debate is built upon. Everyone can learn from good debate. The US congress, at the moment, is incapable of good debate.

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