Those who can convince you of absurdities can also convince you to commit atrocities.

America, home of the brave? How many atrocities are committed out of fear? The great “Red Threat” that existed as World War II was coming to an end and continues today has been motivation for scores of atrocities.

Ending WWII quickly was simply fear of the “Red Threat”. Before the Atom Bomb was used, Italy’s fascist government was eliminated, Allied forces were in complete control of all of Germany’s military and nuclear research installations, Hitler dead, the Nazi party disbanded, Victory in Europe had been achieved, all that remained of the Axis Powers was Japan.

Japan was totally militarily defeated. Japan’s Navy was at the bottom of the sea, Japan’s legions of soldiers were staving on tiny pacific Islands or in China’s prison camps, and the remnant of their air force was on the island of Japan with virtually no offensive capabilities, the war was won before Atom Bombs were used.

Enter the “Red Threat”, the USSR declared war on Japan. The Red war machine was moving on Japan. Options were few. 

First, conventional invasion. The casualty estimates were up to 5 million, military and civilian. Japan prepared for invasion by training housewives to use broom sticks to fight. Stalin would not hesitate to slaughter 5 million and Japan would be communist.

Second, slaughter 250,000 civilians with Atom Bombs and hope surrender would follow.

Third, siege which would give both the people of Japan and their Emperor time to come to terms with defeat. But siege takes time. If the Allied forces did not take the Island of Japan quickly, the USSR would. Siege would put the Allied forces in the position of defending Japan from invasion, war with Stalin.

The atrocity of the Atom Bomb was unleashed from the fear of the “Red Threat”. Not the action of a “home of the brave”.

President Eisenhower’s fear of the Red Threat then motivated him to commit the atrocity of orchestrating the overthrow of Iran’s new democracy and install a puppet dictator. Fear that if the USA did not control Iran, the USSR would. The USA did not reflect “the home of the brave”.

The bloody Shaw of Iran continued until President Carter overcame fear and ended US support of the Shaw. This decision hurt US and British oil companies financially. History rewards fear and profit while condemning bravery and justice. History has no concern with being the home of the brave.

Fear of terrorism, a victory for the terrorist, motivated the USA to commit the atrocities of launching 2 major wars which have cost over 200,000 lives, brought down the world economy, and made Osama Bin Laden the most successful terrorist in the history of the world.

Today, Iran who has been sorely abused by the west, out of fear of western aggression, seeks to defend against repeated foreign exploitation by building a nuclear deterrent. Just like America and the USSR did spending 50+ years building nuclear stockpiles to threaten each other with.  While the fear mongers seek war, Obama seeks peace through respect for Iran’s sovereignty. Historically, fear dictates actions, not bravery, not truth, and certainly not justice.

The 2008 and 2012 GOP platform: Do not withdraw troops from Afghanistan, do not withdraw troops from Iraq, place a credible threat of invasion on the borders of Iran. War is not bravery, war is cowardice.

Today, many in the US congress will not be satisfied until America again destroys the government of Iran. Iran is not a threat, that is an absurdity, will it end in committing yet another atrocity?

Is America brave enough to seek peace, or will America show continued cowardice and enter another war. 

Disclaimer: this is only my opinion. I invite yours. Please comment. 

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6 thoughts on “Those who can convince you of absurdities can also convince you to commit atrocities.

  1. Living motivated by fear? Who doesn’t fall victim to that? Would there ever be war without fear? Interesting & compelling post.

    Wishing you and yours happy holidays.

  2. what about the ILLEGAL invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003?!… 😦 and Guantanamo in Cuba?… where’s America the beautiful we used to know, admire, appreciate, respect?…

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