State Troopers or Storm Troopers?

The stories listed here would be bad enough as isolated incidences. They are not. Non-consensual vaginal penetration with any object is the FBI definition of rape. These 2 stories put together justify charges of Rape and Attempted murder against the New Mexico State Police officers involved and their superiors for allowing it to continue and Governor Susana Martinez for taking NO action.

The Storm Trooper tactics of fear and intimidation against a woman and her children succeeded in frightening the women to run for safety. Why fear the police? They WILL RAPE YOU. One way or another, they will. Then they will send you a bill.

A Police officer fired shots at a minivan full of children. Why did the mother run from the traffic stop? This might be a clue.

New Mexico cops open fire on minivan full of kids at traffic stop for speeding

N.M. woman billed $5,000 after cops order warrant-less, ‘redundant’ cavity searches.

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3 thoughts on “State Troopers or Storm Troopers?

  1. City of Miami cops still under investigation shot to death 8 black young men questionable conditions from 2 years ago. “internal ” investigations are just lip service. In this city I can expect to be victimized by police just as much by thugs. How can they fear for their lives when a drunk nut charges with an umbrella(looked like a shot gun?) a broken beer bottle or a dull bread knife?The tiniest woman of the force could probably kung fu the guy flat on his but t. Instead 17 cops have to fire 84 bullets at the poor jerk.

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