Too bad nothing can be done?

About 9 hours ago, a 12 year old middle school student walked into his school gymnasium in Roswell, New Mexico with a shotgun and gunned down 2 children. The victims, age 12 and 13, are in critical condition, no one dead yet. The shooter is in custody.

Let us continue to argue, debate, and sit on our hands and do nothing that might limit access to firearms to those who should not have them.

Killing with a gun is to easy. A knife requires one to get up close and personal, most killers don’t have that kind of nerve. That is common sense.

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One thought on “Too bad nothing can be done?

  1. It’s a sad scary time when kids are not safe to go to school. More and more this is becoming the case. Our own home-grown terrorism.

    On another note, wishing you and yours Happy New Year. Paulette

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