Born In Farmington New Mexico when Eisenhower was president.

Cattle Rancher, owner and operator, Now Retired

Honorably Discharged Veteran of the US Navy, Submarine Service, Hospital Corps.

Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Master of the Arts Degree in Mathematics Education.

Retired Educator.

Father of 3,  2 adopted and one made from the kit

My most sacred place on Lake Powell.


My favorite Author, John A. Aragon and first cousin. He has 2 books in print.  Billy the Kid’s Last Ride and The Adventures of Don Valiente and the Apache Canyon Kid. Both works available on Amazon.com.


Another notable scholar and published author, Andrew Gulliford.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi from Toulouse, France, “old Europe”! 🙂 glad to have come across your awesome blog, Sir! 🙂

    @”My most sacred place on Lake Powell.” – I lived in the US(Houston, TX-NASA area) for 5 years… I had the joy and the chance to spend 2 days in Page, Arizona and I do miss this unique wonderful Lake Powell…
    – – –
    My very best, good luck in all your endeavours & respectful regards, Mélanie NB

    • My Dear Melanie, thank you so much for reaching out to me in this way. If your ever in this part of the world again, let me know, we will put the boat in the water and I will show you the lake.

      • Thanx for your kind invitation and for dropping by the NP… I was in the US last year: Houston and Florida, I do not plan to return there soon, as I like to discover and to visit new spots… 🙂 I’ve just come back from the stunning Westfjords, Iceland, if you have some spare time and you’re interested, you’ll find pix at the NP…
        – – –
        Croix is a French name… do you have French roots(origins) or is it a nickname?… 🙂

        Sunny thoughts, even though it’s almost 6pm here and have a great day! Mélanie

      • 10am here, maybe French, German, Irish, Welsh, Spanish, English, and Moorish. Documentation of those who arrived in New Orleans with Capt. Lafayette is sketchy at best. Definitely some Scottish. In short, American.

  2. Hi angus croix. Interesting array of experience you have, submarine and hospital corps. I bet there are stories in there. Eisenhower was a good man, from my understanding of history, a great leader during WWII. We have some things in common, I taught for a whole, did hospital work, and here’s a big stretch…I love animals but have only ranged with dogs and cats, mostly dogs. It’s really nice to connect with you. Paulette 🙂

    • Great General, bad decisions during the “Red Scare” era as president. Acting on fear usually leads to bad decisions. He inflicted great harm on the people of Iran when the US installed and supported the bloody dictator, Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī.

      I have been shocked by the new Iranian president’s olive branch toward both USA and Israel. Big change in Iran is in the direction of world peace.

      • Yes, I was speaking to his command as General. My memory doesn’t serve me well with the political specifics of his presidency. Yes, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen with Zarif’s nomination etc. Let us hope… Nice chatting.

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