Foreign Policy

America needs to use more accurate names for programs, proposals, and events.

 Department of Defense

(Defense is cheap compared to what we have: Department of Offense)

 Defense is cheap when compared to the cost of using force to coerce foreign governments to make us richer at the cost of their own people.  National Offence needs to be eliminated.  We have far more than “defense”. Call it what it is.

Case in point:

North Korea is a poverty state whose leader claims to be God, or at least his son.  Poverty has increased due to war with USA backed South Korea.  During the Clinton Presidency, Secretary of State Madeline Albright used diplomacy to convince this fanatical dictator that the USA was no longer a threat to his state.  She convinced him that the hunger of his people was his most pressing problem.  The USA sent food aid to help him solve this problem.  This aid was cheap compared to what happened when Madeline Albright left office at the end of the Clinton presidency. The new president broke off all diplomatic ties, labeled North Korea part of the “axis of evil” invaded Afghanistan then Iraq. Prominent Senator and presidential candidate, John McCain, proposed that the USA “Threaten them with extinction”.  This unstable tyrant abandoned all concern for his people and ramps up nuclear weapons and rocket programs while his people turn to cannibalism.

Diplomacy and a few tons of grain are much cheaper than military invasion, cheaper both in Dollars and in Blood.  It is also what America is supposed to stand for.

Second Case in point.

President Eisenhower, together with the colonizing British Government organized a CIA funded coup d’état to overthrow the democratically elected Shah of Iran and replace him with a brutally bloody new Shah who would give Britain and the USA Iranian oil.  During this time the people of Iraq were left starving in poverty.  Millions of dollars were paid to religious leaders of Iran to stay quiet.  President Kennedy, President Johnson, and President Ford supported this by their silence.  President Jimmy Carter, at great financial cost to America acted on the supposed American Ideal of respect for the sovereignty of all Nations and the suffering of people around the globe.  Without USA support the Shah’s government fell and the religious leader who was taking our money to keep quiet took charge effecting the replacement of a democratically elected Shah with religious fanatics.

Why does Iran feel it needs nuclear capability?

Iran was named in the “axis of evil” by the president. American armies exist to Iran’s east and west and the US Navy rules the seas.  Iran ramps up its nuclear weapons program bringing the region to the brink of war.  Presidential candidate Mitt Romney insisting America leave troops in Iraq, not withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and creating a “credible threat of invasion on their boarder” leaves Iran with little choice but to defend itself or surrender to the poverty and starvation inflicted upon them by previous US presidents.

Obama traveled the world, not with bullets but with diplomacy assembling a coalition for peace. The world unites with the UN with diplomacy toward Iran in the form of sanctions.  Obama withdraws 100,000 troops from Afghanistan and all troops from Iraq.  With the entire world watching, Iran can know that the atrocities of the US and Britain can not be repeated.  Iran begins to move toward nuclear arms talks.

Diplomacy and averting war is far cheaper in dollars and blood than military department of offence.  Either reduce the military to a defensive force and stop threatening the world or call it what it is: The US Department of Offense.


2 thoughts on “Foreign Policy

  1. Demian

    But who would protect all the little nations from evil if we weren’t there? We are the World Police after all. What the UN? From What I’ve seen they use America as an off leash attach dog and when things go south they hang us out to dry. I agree we need to focus on home more and let countries fend for themselves more. But we do not want to leave more damage in our wake like Afghanistan, Bosnia, or Korea (just to name a few). We need diplomacy that is not just words but action. Unfortunately, short sided individuals are running the government. people who cant see how giving things away can have any profitability. Giving aide is not going to fill the coffers today. Long term goals are hard to work towards, when your only focused on the next term of your employment…

    • America has neither the right nor the responsibility to be the world police. Police enforce the law. For us to enforce our law on other sovereign nations is American Imperialism that must stop. Yes the UN needs to act, and nations other than the US need to support it as France did recently in Libya and Mali.
      “attach dogs”? did you mean “attack dogs”?

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