Gun Control

Government restriction of gun ownership is unconstitutional

( I just named myself the US supreme court)

 The US Supreme Court, according to the constitution, is the only one that can rule on the constitutionality of anything.  If you believe in the constitution, you must subordinate your opinion to that given by the court.  The court has ruled that the right to keep and bare arms does apply to private gun ownership and this right is not absolute.

The government has the right to deny private citizens’ ownership of atom bombs, surface to air missiles, grenades, rocket propelled or not, and no matter how rich you are, you cannot own your own F14 fighter.

On the other hand no one can deny the right to own sticks and stones.  Somewhere between sticks and Atom Bombs is the line between what I can have as an American citizen and what the government can constitutionally restrict.  To deny this is to deny America.

If the government, by majority vote, passes a ban on hand guns or a ban on assault weapons, or any other weapon, anyone disagreeing with that law, no matter how small a minority opinion that may be, has the right to request the US Supreme Court examine that law.

If the court rules the law constitutional then I must abide by that law.  To do otherwise is to risk forfeit of all the freedoms the constitution guarantees. If the court rules the law unconstitutional, regardless of public opinion, I will keep that weapon if I choose.

This rule of law is what makes America what it is.  You gotta love it.

Gun Control

(Hitting what you aim at)

 If more guns made us safer, the USA would be the safest place in the world. Good gun control starts in the same place as world peace, in the home.

I was introduced to fire arms by my grandfather. During the great depression, a box of 10 rounds meant food on the table for 4 months.  Bolt action or breech loading rifles held 1 round.  Before pulling the trigger, the target had to be sure.  There was no money to spend on wasted rounds.  If you need more than one bullet, you’re not a hunter.

I do keep my grandfather’s several old rifles.  Most no longer function.  They are family history to me.  I have the 20 gauge double barrel shotgun my great grandmother used to kill 2 bushwhackers, my great grandfather’s murders, with 2 rounds, when ambushed near Pinion Hills New Mexico.  (Cowboys may have been tough in the old west, but the pioneer women were truly dangerous when riled.)  I also have the bolt action single shot .222 that was used, in season and out, to provide food on the table during the depression when my mother was very young and living in a tent.  There are others pieces but I have never purchased ammunition for them as they are not functional.  This is not gun culture, it is American culture where guns were tools for survival.

In contrast to my great grandmother who in self defense, shot to death 2 bushwhackers with 2 rounds while seated in a buckboard wagon and being jostled by nervous horses, consider the following.

Spraying 50 rounds around a home can pierce the walls killing your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, out the window killing the neighbors, and your dog all without reloading or thinking.

Hollywood has given people the false concept that random spraying of bullets is a reasonable replacement for taking aim.  A responsible gun owner practices safe handling of their weapon. Aiming and hitting your target can be done in less time and more effectively than an AK47 can wildly discharge 10 rounds.

Spaying 50 high-powered rounds of ammunition around your home with an assault weapon is best described as “reckless discharge of a gun”, not “self defense”.  The bullet must not be allowed to pierce the target, the wall, your neighbor’s window, and the neighbor’s child.  I would feel safer if my neighbor did not have an assault weapon.  To responsibly use a gun is to know where every bullet you fire is going to stop.  To know this the gunman must select a gun suited for the task and aim it carefully.

Assault weapons have to place in the home, in neighborhoods, or on the streets.

I live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I refuse to live in fear of being invaded by zombies.  Zombies invading my home are more likely than a group of terrorists targeting my home.

Barking dogs stop burglars.  With my trusted companions, 2 Labrador mix dogs always vigilant, I sleep at ease knowing they will warn me of any intrusion to my home and warn away would be intruders without bloodshed.


8 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. jenshua

    Its better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have it. So has been my experiences in my life. I don’t know how many people out there have ever been shot at…but I’ll tell you, there’s nothing more terrifying. These days I can shoot back, and I thank my forefathers for understanding a man’s want for protection, which allows me to do so. Don’t know what life is like in huge cities like Chicago or New York but in New Mexico, everyone’s got a gun… and yes, it’s still the wild west. People get shot all the time around these parts. I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s the way it is,ever since good old Billy The Kid. So my right to carry and conceal a firearm is one of my most valued and cherished rights and is the closest thing to freedom one man can have. WHY?….. so i have the same chance as the person shooting at me. ……….slow down……… Sandy Hook…..Century Rio in Aurora…….Arizona, of course very tragic, along with every mass shooting throughout history. But I’m not alone when I say things would have been different if I’d been in that crowd, cause just like any law abiding citizen would, I would have shot back.. Yeah, something needs to be done, but what? More guns? No guns? I’m more interested in the thinking of the people who committed these acts. What led them to it. What goes on in the mind when one decides to do this. games? music? the devil? The facts are that guns are out there and in some places a kid can get his or her hands on one easier then cigarettes. Most people fear that regulation will lead to the disarmament of America. I personally wouldn’t have any problem if I had to wait longer or inform whatever agency about my purchase. As long as they let me have what I want, and as much of it as i wanted. Boy, I would love an M-1 tank but yeah, lets be serious, of course there has to be regulations. Just as long as it doesn’t restrict responsible law abiding citizens their right to own and carry personal small firearms. I believe education is the only way to protect ourselves from future attacks and the more we know about what is possible, the better we will be at defending ourselves. Guns are the weapons of choice, and as long as I have a choice to defend myself, I WILL defend myself.

    • good words Jenshua. Guns are not going away regardless of regulations. But this is not 1878. The corrupt non elected non checked territorial government no longer exists. Hired killers don’t ware badges. Let’s live in the present having learned from the past. Today we are a nation of laws.

  2. Rob

    A couple of days ago a man was released from prison in Washington state after serving seven years for theft. His grandparents picked him up after his release, took him to their home and hosted a party to celebrate his newly regained freedom. After the party, he killed both grandparents and took their car, telling acquaintances that he was looking for a gun show so he could arm himself for an intended campaign of revenge against relatives and law enforcement personnel without being subjected to a background check. Congratulations go out the the NRA. Criminals and would-be criminals who want easy access to guns always know they have a friend.

    Fortunately, he was captured at an Oregon motel (after a standoff lasting several hours) and was arrested on suspicion of murdering his grandparents.

  3. A very rational essay, my friend, well said. I totally agree with your thoughts on this. I’m just beginning to find my way around here, and look forward to hearing more from you.

  4. Robert

    Assault weapons are by design only useful the the efficient destruction of human life, they are not utilitarian to a farmer, hunter, trapper, hunter. The inherent energy of these devices is itself nefarious, and mere ownership of them has morbid psychological consequences.
    They are in short only legitimately useful in a war zone in the hands of soldiers equally opposed, and not in the hands of a lunatic in some school of six year olds in Connecticut.

  5. Robert

    Your parents named you Angus…so is your had hiding the horns? 🙂

    Not common sense to the gun lobby!

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