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John Boehner “Can’t Imagine” Senator Rob Portman’s Gay Marriage Views Shifting”. It begins.

John Boehner can’t imagine someone with the intestinal fortitude to speak his mind in opposition to the party line. John Boehner certainly has made it clear his learning, growth, and development ended in childhood where it is suppose to saying “It’s what I grew up with.”

Senator Rob Portman can expect a heavily RNC funded primary challenge for openly opposing the republican party line. However, he has joined 100 other republican congressmen in urging the US Supreme Court to end DOMA. The RNC has a busy primary season ahead.

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One Phrase of truth on Fox News, Al Sharpton echos the Fox reported fact.

The phrase went by quickly on Fox, “The stock market is not the economy”. Al Sharpton stated it more clearly saying “Stock Market at a record high and unemployment at a record low is the balance we need”.

Well put from both sources. The GOP’s people,Corporations, are making money hand over fist. The Democrat’s people, the middle class, are still being depressed and oppressed. More balance in the economy is needed before the Federal Government will be able to balance their budget. (or should I say our budget.)

What is the senate doing? After the Senate intelligence committee was provided all documentation requested on the Drone program, and after the committee voted 12-3 to approve John Brenner as CIA director,  the main action in the Senate today is Rand Paul’s filibuster to stop the majority from moving ahead.

The factual answer to John Boehner’s question “why don’t the democrats in the senate act?” is simple, there are too many republicans in the senate. Thanks for pointing this out Boehner but anyone paying attention already knows this.

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More of John Boehner’s Shell game.

Pick the shell containing the truth. The trick is that there is only deception under every shell.

Under shell number one:

Boehner raised middle class taxes. The middle class tax increases came in the form of the expiration of the temporary payroll tax cuts. To prevent this expiration the House, John Boehner, needed to act. Obama asked the House to act. The White House cannot pass a bill, only congress can do that. If the House had acted, then and only then could he blame Obama and only if Obama used his power of veto. This did not happen. Upper income tax increases came when the GW Bush tax cuts expired on incomes over $400,000.

Under shell number two.

Boehner pretends ignorance asking “The president got $650 billion of higher taxes on the American people on January the first,” Boehner said. “How much more does he want?”  Here are 3 suggestions on how Boehner could get his question answered.

  1. go to and read it.
  2. Boehner could listen during private meetings in the White house.
  3. Being unable to see or hear, he could request a braille copy. I am sure one could be created for him.

Under shell number 3.

Since no bill came out of the senate, Boehner pretends not to understand why. “why wouldn’t Senate Democrats go ahead and pass it?” Boehner knows his republican senate counterparts obstructed it. Senate Democrats passed a budget bill on Thursday, February 28th by a 51-49 vote. The Senate republicans essentially vetoed the majority by the use of the filibuster.

Under shell number 4.

Boehner said, “I don’t know whether it’s going to hurt the economy or not. I don’t think anyone quite understands how the sequester is really going to work.” Under this shell he hides his true point of view stated back in 2011 when the sequester was created. “I got 98% of what I wanted” The sequester will cause no pain to the wealthiest 2%. The pain is on the middle class. The 98% of Boehner’s goal.

Under shell number 5.

ALL deficit spending for the past 12 years was created by the GW Bush Administration. In spite of the obstructionist congress, Obama has reduced the deficit spending every year. John Boehner was there in the republican controlled congress when they created runaway government deficits. Boehner knows the deficit was created with a combination of unfunded warfare and huge tax cuts for the wealthy. He knows this to be true.

Quotes taken from Boehner’s interview on Meet The Press

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Majority of Republicans vote against the Violence Against Women Act.

The Act passes anyway since 100% of the democrats voted for it.

Why is it important? Law enforcement cannot enforce laws that do not exist. The Violence Against Women Act is a vital tool for Law enforcement to use to protect women. Republicans are against this is both houses of congress. Democratic Party unity, a rare commodity, made it happen.

Democratic Party, are you learning yet? Women in America, are you learning yet?

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Shortly after the election, November 2011, President Obama proposed a budget based on what he said he would do during the reelection campaign.  Speaker of the House Boehner laughed,  saying “he can’t be serious”.  The plan would have settled the fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, and the sequestor.

In Laughing at the proposal the people of America voted for he laughed at Americans.  The house did pass the Romney plan, several times.  Political grandstanding at a press conference is NOT negotiating in good faith.  This simply poisons the dialog of compromise and cooperation.

Obama is left with no choice, since the republican house is too busy grandstanding and will not negotiate, except to speak directly to Americans.  This is a very poor situation.

If Boehner seriously believes the President is not interested in productive dialog he simply is still in denial of having lost the election.

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