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Senate Budget Passed 50-49 Ending 4 Years of Republican Filibuster.

It took all night, but at 4:30 am the US Senate Passed a budget “proposal” to send to the House.

According to the US Constitution Article 1, Section 7, clause 1: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

I am anxious to hear the new excuse the House will present in order to cater to the Aristocracy and refuse to “Represent” US citizens.

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Refusing to Negotiate or Compromise, the House of Representatives Tells America: We Are a Poor Country With No Resources, Except for War.

The house continues to refuse to negotiate. The Romney plan, passed twice by the House, was rejected twice. The presidents plan presented to the House shortly after the election and posted on the internet, has been totally ignored. John Boehner admitted “where’s the presidents plan? I haven’t seen it.”

Negotiation requires both plans be modified in compromise until they agree. The Ryan Budget which passed the house yesterday does the opposite. The Ryan Budget is even more egregious to the President, the Senate, and the working class than the Romney plan.

Ryan’s grandstanding denying the truth, “We want to balance the budget, they don’t”. The truth is the Republican war mongering and depression of the working class created the deficits that have been reduced every year since the GOP lost the white house. Democrats have done a lot to work toward a balance budget. The “balance the budget” claim is obviously smoke screen for his increases in Military spending, more war.

The “Destroy Obama at All Costs” is alive and well, even if it leaves some Americans to starve, many to die of easily treatable illnesses, children homeless, educational opportunities denied, and the economy in depression.

The Ryan budget tells us that America is too poor a nation and must let the hungry starve and leave the sick untended, children living in the street, and those who thirst for knowledge in ignorance. The Ryan budget shows no hint of “Christian Values”.

A person with a few million dollars in the bank will not suffer. The working class, 98% of America will. All democrats and only 10 republicans see the above facts. Boehner, Ryan, and friends must be too out of touch to understand the pain they cause or they just don’t care.

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New Mexico Can be Proud of Thier New Congresswoman

Here is someone in Washington fighting for the 98%. Congresswoman Lujan Grisham speaks out in in a place hostile toward America. I urge you to take a moment to listen.

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Note to Note to Michele Backmann: The President is not into distortions and false statements.

Michele Backmann Stated that the president will not tell you 70 cents of every dollar goes to benefit bureaucrats. Of course he won’t, because it is not true. Obama leaves distortions and false statements to the Tea Party.

Medicaid Doctors cut their fees and their own incomes to accept a lower Medicaid rate. Landlords cut their rent charges to accept housing subsidies as full payment. They receive payment directly from the government for providing services to the poor. That accounts for the true statement that 70 cents of every dollar goes to those who serve the poor.

Backmann falsely interprets “those who serve the poor” as meaning Bureaucrats. Michele Backmann again shows her gross ignorance by her false inflammatory rhetoric and shameless grandstanding that further poisons the dialog preventing reasonable debate.

These types of statements from Michele do qualify her as a great Tea Party spokesman.

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John Boehner “Can’t Imagine” Senator Rob Portman’s Gay Marriage Views Shifting”. It begins.

John Boehner can’t imagine someone with the intestinal fortitude to speak his mind in opposition to the party line. John Boehner certainly has made it clear his learning, growth, and development ended in childhood where it is suppose to saying “It’s what I grew up with.”

Senator Rob Portman can expect a heavily RNC funded primary challenge for openly opposing the republican party line. However, he has joined 100 other republican congressmen in urging the US Supreme Court to end DOMA. The RNC has a busy primary season ahead.

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How Sexist is Mitch McConnell? Just Listen to Him and He Will Tell You.

Mitch McConnell(R), Senate minority leader, stated “Democratic candidates for the 2016 presidential race looks like a rerun of the ‘Golden Girls'”. He continues to point out the the Republican leadership is 100% male. His audience, The Conservative Political Action Committee, aka CPAC, gives him a round of laughter and applause.

Mitch is good at not only demonstrating his own sexist view but also bringing out the view of the GOP.

Giving women a voice in congress is a joke?

I wonder what Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty would say about Mitch.

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Refusing to Negotiate, Paul Ryan Continues Rhetorically Inflamitory Grandstanding.

The US Senate did pass a bipartisan budget bill. If it were not a bipartisan bill it would have been filibustered by the GOP.

John Boehner prevented negotiation by taking every proposal from the president to a press conference with statements like “He can’t be serious”. Paul Ryan continues to refuse to negotiate taking the newly passed Senate budget bill to the press conference and saying “they’re blowing smoke”.

Negotiating between the House and the Senate is traditionally done in committee. Without distraction from the press, all previous congresses have worked through their differences and produced a functional budget by sitting down and negotiating a compromise. The GOP refuses to do anything like this.

Eric Cantor, republican majority leader in the House, demonstrated the “my way or highway” attitude stating “If Obama is unwilling to stop trying to raise taxes there is now way we can lay aside our differences”. We can lay aside our differences? Raising taxes is the differences. Obama must do all he says or no deal will be made.

The president has no vote in congress. When the GOP House leadership ceases the inflammatory rhetoric and engages in more productive dialog with the Senate, then a deal will be reached.

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Gun Fact I recieved in a comment, this needed more attention.

Below is the unedited comment. I find it factual and I agree with it 100%.

“A couple of days ago a man was released from prison in Washington state after serving seven years for theft. His grandparents picked him up after his release, took him to their home and hosted a party to celebrate his newly regained freedom. After the party, he killed both grandparents and took their car, telling acquaintances that he was looking for a gun show so he could arm himself for an intended campaign of revenge against relatives and law enforcement personnel without being subjected to a background check. Congratulations go out the the NRA. Criminals and would-be criminals who want easy access to guns always know they have a friend.

Fortunately, he was captured at an Oregon motel (after a standoff lasting several hours) and was arrested on suspicion of murdering his grandparents.”

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Everyone lost the Sequester Battle, except maybe corporations.

Now that everyone lost, (especially the middle class and poor)  will the war between GOP and Democrats finally end?

Common sense tells any businessman that if your biggest costumer cuts its spending, that business will decline. The federal government is the biggest customer of US business.

There is no majority to agree on everything. Congress has the opportunity to focus on one program at a time, polls show that a majority exists to increase funding to it. Whatever it is. The grand bargain, a complete budget as all previous congresses have passed since 1776, appears to be beyond this congresses ability.

The lingering affects of the “destroy Obama at all costs” philosophy has prevented congressional action required to allow businesses to create jobs. All job creating legislation has died in the House.

The house has repeatedly used the excuse that it is fiscally irresponsible to spend anything to create jobs and what we need is smaller government. This is from the party that handed Obama a 1.2 trillion budget deficit, a collapsed economy, and grew the federal government by 2.5 million employees. The federal job creation simply offset some of the private sector devastation of the George W Bush era republican congresses.

Legislation passed by the Democratic congress in 2008 and 2009 began a recovery. Executive actions, such as the loan to that saved the auto industry, did save millions of jobs. Congressional inaction, Republican dominated house and Republican filibustered Senate, continues to squeeze the recovery began in 2009 and choke off the ability of business to create employment just as they have done from 2000 to 2008.

If there was a winner it is corporations as indicated by the stock market. Now that corporations have more money than ever, where is all the job creation?The continued claim that helping the rich get richer will help employment needs to be eliminated from the conversation. Regardless of the appearance of wisdom, this philosophy has 30+ years of empirical data proving it is folly.

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USA is a strong ship, it will right itself, damaged but still seaworthy.

Over time, individual programs, one by one, will begin to feel the pain of the Sequestor. Supporters of each afflicted program will press for relief. Polls show a majority for restoring funding to everything cut can be found. Piece by piece legislation will be introduced to increase funding for individual programs.

The amount of increase in each of these individual programs will be small. As long as each increase is paid for the result will be the same as if Obama’s budget plan had been passed in 2011, except for one detail, the scars left behind.

The interim damage to the economic recovery will never be corrected. The economic recovery will always be behind of where it could have been.The depression of the middle class will always put this country behind where it could have been. This time of suffering of the poor cannot be restored. Educational opportunities missed will put today’s children further behind.

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