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Senate Budget Passed 50-49 Ending 4 Years of Republican Filibuster.

It took all night, but at 4:30 am the US Senate Passed a budget “proposal” to send to the House.

According to the US Constitution Article 1, Section 7, clause 1: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

I am anxious to hear the new excuse the House will present in order to cater to the Aristocracy and refuse to “Represent” US citizens.

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Refusing to Negotiate or Compromise, the House of Representatives Tells America: We Are a Poor Country With No Resources, Except for War.

The house continues to refuse to negotiate. The Romney plan, passed twice by the House, was rejected twice. The presidents plan presented to the House shortly after the election and posted on the internet, has been totally ignored. John Boehner admitted “where’s the presidents plan? I haven’t seen it.”

Negotiation requires both plans be modified in compromise until they agree. The Ryan Budget which passed the house yesterday does the opposite. The Ryan Budget is even more egregious to the President, the Senate, and the working class than the Romney plan.

Ryan’s grandstanding denying the truth, “We want to balance the budget, they don’t”. The truth is the Republican war mongering and depression of the working class created the deficits that have been reduced every year since the GOP lost the white house. Democrats have done a lot to work toward a balance budget. The “balance the budget” claim is obviously smoke screen for his increases in Military spending, more war.

The “Destroy Obama at All Costs” is alive and well, even if it leaves some Americans to starve, many to die of easily treatable illnesses, children homeless, educational opportunities denied, and the economy in depression.

The Ryan budget tells us that America is too poor a nation and must let the hungry starve and leave the sick untended, children living in the street, and those who thirst for knowledge in ignorance. The Ryan budget shows no hint of “Christian Values”.

A person with a few million dollars in the bank will not suffer. The working class, 98% of America will. All democrats and only 10 republicans see the above facts. Boehner, Ryan, and friends must be too out of touch to understand the pain they cause or they just don’t care.

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New Mexico Can be Proud of Thier New Congresswoman

Here is someone in Washington fighting for the 98%. Congresswoman Lujan Grisham speaks out in in a place hostile toward America. I urge you to take a moment to listen.

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Paul Ryan Budget Promotes Growth of “Too Big To Fail”.

Paul Ryan and friends deny the most basic concepts of American Democracy.

If Government was “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, the working class could build a country where:

  • Everyone would have food.
  • Everyone would have a roof over their heads.
  • Everyone could get an education.
  • Everyone could see a doctor when they needed to.
  • Everyone would be safe from police harassment.
  • Background checks to buy firearms would be law.
  • Assault Weapons would be banned.
  • Democrats would be a majority in the US House of Representatives.
  • All Americans could marry the person of their choice.
  • Every child born would be wanted.
  • Poverty would be a free choice, not a circumstance of birth.
  • All citizens would respect, not fear, the government.
  • The world would respect, not fear, America.
  • Every American would be proud of their country.

Paul Ryan budget shows that “too big to fail” is not big enough. Interfering with the biggest getting bigger is government overreach. Protecting the the working class form the tyranny of the rich and powerful is  government overreach. in this area he calls for smaller government.

Paul Ryan budget proposal fights against government interference with  the freedom to starve, freedom to die if your sick, freedom be victimized if your weak, etc. To interfere with these rights would be government overreach.

Government must be big enough to go far beyond defense and threaten the world with military force. In this area Paul Ryan promotes growth.

Government must be big enough to restrict freedom to choose who you marry and what you and your doctor decides is best for your health. Here Ryan also calls for growth of the reach of government.

The only economic growth promoted by the Ryan budget is more “to big to fail”. This type of growth is temporary. As demonstrated in 2008, when the working class is depressed, the economy fails all classes, the rich included.

Ryan promotes a system that is prejudicial against the working class. Ryan learned nothing from the cycles of recession of the past 30 years. By the labor and consumerism of the working class, the rich get richer. When the working class prospers the country prospers and visa verse.

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Paul Ryan rerun: 2008 election and 2012 election. Working across the isle?

Much of the 2008 presidential campaign was about universal health care. Paul Ryan still proposes repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Much of the 2012 presidential campaign concerned medicaid, here Paul Ryan again attacks  medicare on the losing side.

This move would add 716 Billion to the federal deficit. The 716 billion the congressional budget committee says the PPACA saved. This savings was the 716 billion of waste in medicare that the PPACA eliminated without effecting patient benefits.  Why reinstate waste? Simple, this is money paid for no service making hospital administrators, the rich, richer.

Republicans lost, not because they could not get their message across, but because we are listening and the majority of Americans are NOT STUPID. There does exist a small minority that believes everything he says without thought, they are called the Tea Party.

This is not trying to find a middle ground and working out a solution to this nations problems. This is clearly a maneuver to further divide this country against itself. This has no chance of actually happening and he knows it.

Keep talking Paul Ryan, we are listening and you will go the way of Mitt.

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Everyone lost the Sequester Battle, except maybe corporations.

Now that everyone lost, (especially the middle class and poor)  will the war between GOP and Democrats finally end?

Common sense tells any businessman that if your biggest costumer cuts its spending, that business will decline. The federal government is the biggest customer of US business.

There is no majority to agree on everything. Congress has the opportunity to focus on one program at a time, polls show that a majority exists to increase funding to it. Whatever it is. The grand bargain, a complete budget as all previous congresses have passed since 1776, appears to be beyond this congresses ability.

The lingering affects of the “destroy Obama at all costs” philosophy has prevented congressional action required to allow businesses to create jobs. All job creating legislation has died in the House.

The house has repeatedly used the excuse that it is fiscally irresponsible to spend anything to create jobs and what we need is smaller government. This is from the party that handed Obama a 1.2 trillion budget deficit, a collapsed economy, and grew the federal government by 2.5 million employees. The federal job creation simply offset some of the private sector devastation of the George W Bush era republican congresses.

Legislation passed by the Democratic congress in 2008 and 2009 began a recovery. Executive actions, such as the loan to that saved the auto industry, did save millions of jobs. Congressional inaction, Republican dominated house and Republican filibustered Senate, continues to squeeze the recovery began in 2009 and choke off the ability of business to create employment just as they have done from 2000 to 2008.

If there was a winner it is corporations as indicated by the stock market. Now that corporations have more money than ever, where is all the job creation?The continued claim that helping the rich get richer will help employment needs to be eliminated from the conversation. Regardless of the appearance of wisdom, this philosophy has 30+ years of empirical data proving it is folly.

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Employment Opportunity: Cat herder needed, apply at

Only congress can pass a budget, the president cannot sign any bill until the congress passes it. All budget bills passed in the House have failed to pass the senate. Budget bills that receive a majority vote in the Senate are filibustered by the republican minority.

Polls show a large majority of Americans favor Federal Government spending cuts. However, when polled on what to cut, every area of government was taboo for a majority.

Congress mirrors this popular view. From defense to medicaid, even foreign aid, received a majority vote of “Do Not Cut Here”. There is simply not a majority willing to cut any one thing.

In the past, a committee of representatives from both the house and senate would meet a create a bill that both houses would pass. Instead of taking such action, House leadership blames the president and the senate democrats for lack of action. Senate leadership blames the republican minority in the Senate and the House.

What is the problem here?

Obama’s efforts of meeting with congressional leadership before the sequester failed to produce movement in congress. Failure of congressional leadership appears to be the problem.

Since congressional leadership cannot get a majority to agree on any budget, Obama is expanding his role in trying to get the congress to act. He will be meeting today with 12 republican senators today.

Getting congress to act as a group is like herding Cats, anyone want the job?

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Sequester was Obama’s idea? Of course, where else would a compromise come from.

Republican house concept of compromise- My Way or Highway.In 2011 Obama proposed a budget. House republicans presented the same GW Bush’s $1.2 trillion and growing out of control deficit spending.

Republicans knew that in November 2012 Obama would be voted out of office and the majority of the senate would also be republican. Why compromise, just delay for a year and do whatever they wanted. Where did compromise come from? Barack Obama.

Obama campaigned on renewing the middle class while Republicans campaigned on more GW Bush economics.  After the 2012 election Obama proposed a budget in line with what he promised. The House passed the Romney plan. No compromise.  Thus the fiscal cliff.

GW’s tax cuts were expiring and they did not have to power to stop it. Republicans could not afford to do nothing and Obama again compromised and a partial budget passed.

Some tax cuts were extended, more than were prudent, but some taxes were put back to Clinton budget levels. Remember the Clinton budget? Zero deficit plus cash to start paying down the National debt.

2.4% of federal spending has been cancelled. The biggest customer of American Business, the federal government, cut spending. Is this really the way to promote job creation and economic recovery?

It does not hurt the top 2%. Romney’s people, Corporations, are doing great. Their profits are making the CEO’s richer and padding even more off shore tax sheltered accounts that ever. Just hang on a little longer 98% of America, soon the rich will be rich enough to start creating jobs.

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More of John Boehner’s Shell game.

Pick the shell containing the truth. The trick is that there is only deception under every shell.

Under shell number one:

Boehner raised middle class taxes. The middle class tax increases came in the form of the expiration of the temporary payroll tax cuts. To prevent this expiration the House, John Boehner, needed to act. Obama asked the House to act. The White House cannot pass a bill, only congress can do that. If the House had acted, then and only then could he blame Obama and only if Obama used his power of veto. This did not happen. Upper income tax increases came when the GW Bush tax cuts expired on incomes over $400,000.

Under shell number two.

Boehner pretends ignorance asking “The president got $650 billion of higher taxes on the American people on January the first,” Boehner said. “How much more does he want?”  Here are 3 suggestions on how Boehner could get his question answered.

  1. go to and read it.
  2. Boehner could listen during private meetings in the White house.
  3. Being unable to see or hear, he could request a braille copy. I am sure one could be created for him.

Under shell number 3.

Since no bill came out of the senate, Boehner pretends not to understand why. “why wouldn’t Senate Democrats go ahead and pass it?” Boehner knows his republican senate counterparts obstructed it. Senate Democrats passed a budget bill on Thursday, February 28th by a 51-49 vote. The Senate republicans essentially vetoed the majority by the use of the filibuster.

Under shell number 4.

Boehner said, “I don’t know whether it’s going to hurt the economy or not. I don’t think anyone quite understands how the sequester is really going to work.” Under this shell he hides his true point of view stated back in 2011 when the sequester was created. “I got 98% of what I wanted” The sequester will cause no pain to the wealthiest 2%. The pain is on the middle class. The 98% of Boehner’s goal.

Under shell number 5.

ALL deficit spending for the past 12 years was created by the GW Bush Administration. In spite of the obstructionist congress, Obama has reduced the deficit spending every year. John Boehner was there in the republican controlled congress when they created runaway government deficits. Boehner knows the deficit was created with a combination of unfunded warfare and huge tax cuts for the wealthy. He knows this to be true.

Quotes taken from Boehner’s interview on Meet The Press

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Majority of Republicans vote against the Violence Against Women Act.

The Act passes anyway since 100% of the democrats voted for it.

Why is it important? Law enforcement cannot enforce laws that do not exist. The Violence Against Women Act is a vital tool for Law enforcement to use to protect women. Republicans are against this is both houses of congress. Democratic Party unity, a rare commodity, made it happen.

Democratic Party, are you learning yet? Women in America, are you learning yet?

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