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John Boehner “Can’t Imagine” Senator Rob Portman’s Gay Marriage Views Shifting”. It begins.

John Boehner can’t imagine someone with the intestinal fortitude to speak his mind in opposition to the party line. John Boehner certainly has made it clear his learning, growth, and development ended in childhood where it is suppose to saying “It’s what I grew up with.”

Senator Rob Portman can expect a heavily RNC funded primary challenge for openly opposing the republican party line. However, he has joined 100 other republican congressmen in urging the US Supreme Court to end DOMA. The RNC has a busy primary season ahead.

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NJ, Governor Chris Christie Reveals His Bigotry

NJ, Governor Chris Christie, who said “language matters; language is a window into attitude.”, revealed his attitude calling a Black Man “BOY”. There is no reason for this, only poor excuses so no excuse will be offered.

This bigoted attitude is holding American back. The lack of respect and dignity Governor Christie has shown toward education, the hungry, and the sick is best explained by N.J. Sen. Barbara Buono. I urge you to follow this link and read the truth about Governor Christie real attitudes as proven by his actions.

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CPAC Breeds Bigotry at its Worst.

When racism, sexism, prejudice, and bigotry are allowed and supported in any form it inevitably will be taken to extreme as witnessed at CPAC. The leadership of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, and others is to blame.

30-year-old Scott Terry of North Carolina fails to recognize a human being when he sees one. There is no defense for treating human beings as livestock. It is a sad commentary that this has to be said.

I keep my horses locked in pens when not in use. I feed them and build them shelter. Human beings are Not livestock.

I have kept cattle confined in pastures and bred them for financial gain. Human beings are not livestock.

If you are a republican who wants to change the party simply fill in the correct form and your party is changed.

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How Sexist is Mitch McConnell? Just Listen to Him and He Will Tell You.

Mitch McConnell(R), Senate minority leader, stated “Democratic candidates for the 2016 presidential race looks like a rerun of the ‘Golden Girls'”. He continues to point out the the Republican leadership is 100% male. His audience, The Conservative Political Action Committee, aka CPAC, gives him a round of laughter and applause.

Mitch is good at not only demonstrating his own sexist view but also bringing out the view of the GOP.

Giving women a voice in congress is a joke?

I wonder what Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty would say about Mitch.

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Anti-Abortion Movement is Inherently Class and Racially Unequal.

I stand firmly against any action by any individual, family, group, religion, court, legislature, state,  country, or any other entity that creates an atmosphere of fear, humiliation, or isolation coercing the individual to self destruction.

The Anti-abortion movement creates an atmosphere of fear, humiliation, isolation and coercion along the lines of race and class. This shows no respect for the Constitution of the United States.

The rich have been able to access clinics both inside the US and off shore for the purpose of obtaining safe termination of pregnancy. Anti-abortion laws have always applied to the poor only.

Americans are protected from tyranny of Government, tyranny of the majority, and tyranny of a minority by the US Constitution. The US Constitution says what the US Supreme court interprets it to say. Roe v Wade attempted to balance the argument of when life begins and the practicality of the ability to legislate control of a woman’s body.

Mississippi governor Phil Bryant falsely brags that they are nearing the end of abortion in Mississippi.  The constitutionally mandated access to health care by the poor is all but eliminated. Woman’s health clinics are still available if a woman can pay.

Any women with health insurance or other financial means can, in the state of Mississippi or any other state, can go to a private doctor and legally, privately,  make the choice to terminate her pregnancy without government or heckler interference and harassment.

Even when abortion was illegal, women with money could, in the US, obtain an abortion in a hospital or clinic.

A women with the means to travel outside the US may obtain competent medical care to terminate a pregnancy regardless of US law.

Illegal Abortion was the number one cause of maternal fatality in the Post WWII era America. Since class and race are tied, the vast majority of fatalities from abortion are Black or Hispanic. Most White women find a way to afford safe medical care.

Fact: Prohibition  did not stop abortion. Prohibition only oppresses and further disenfranchises the poor.

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Zerlina Maxwell, Bless you, Keep up the good fight.

My previous blog entry on Human Failure to Recognize a Human being when you see on speaks this exactly.

NEWS FLASH: Women are Human.

I do not carry a gun, I will not live in a country which I must in order to feel safe. No human should. A woman should not feel she needs to carry a gun to be safe.

I feel deeply saddened for the woman who wrote hate mail to  Zerlina. The writers words drip with the pain and suffering. I shed tears that one would be in so much pain as to write those words.

I am deeply saddened that Zerlina had to read such words.

We are, for the largest part, what we are socialized to be. Society will evolve, generations may be required, but we are evolving.

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Hey Scalia, to end a “racial entitlement” is simple, just end racism.

Racism is not dead in America. Ann Romney’s sentiment that Minorities and Women voted Obama because they just could not understand what a great guy Mitt Romney is. What is that? Mitt just did not dumb it down to their level?

I feel minorities and women voted Obama because they clearly understood the difference between the candidates.

JUSTICE SCALIA “I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement. It’s been written about. Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.”

Relax America, the congress has more than enough votes to override the supreme court on this one.

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Majority of Republicans vote against the Violence Against Women Act.

The Act passes anyway since 100% of the democrats voted for it.

Why is it important? Law enforcement cannot enforce laws that do not exist. The Violence Against Women Act is a vital tool for Law enforcement to use to protect women. Republicans are against this is both houses of congress. Democratic Party unity, a rare commodity, made it happen.

Democratic Party, are you learning yet? Women in America, are you learning yet?

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Reason is beginning to win over Madness. I am optomistic

The house is set to pass the Violence Against Women Act. The Republican opposed legislation is expected to pass by a wide margin tomorrow.  Is this a signal that the GOP obstructionists have been defeated?

Outside of the Fox News propaganda machine, the tea party has not been heard from all week. If reason is beginning to win over madness, the sequester will not last long.

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Equal Pay for Equal Work

The first step in achieving equal pay for women is ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.  Congress passed this constitutional amendment in 1972. Soon afterwards 35 states ratified it.  To include this amendment in the constitution 3 more states must act.

The struggle for equal pay for women has been spinning its wheels for at least 4 decades. This is a journey of 1,000 miles. It will not be completed until the first step is taken.

The equal pay issue is bogged down in the larger debate of how to force business to be fair with employees.  The larger debate contains issues including minimum wage, forced overtime, dress codes, sexual preference, race, physical and mental disabilities, full equality in the workplace, and many others.  There is no one solution to all issues. All issues concerning gender discrimination must be separated from the general debate.

America has changed in the past 41 years.  Most Americans are not aware that the ERA is so close to becoming constitutional law.  At least 3 of the remaining 15 states would act if motivated.

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