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Refusing to Negotiate or Compromise, the House of Representatives Tells America: We Are a Poor Country With No Resources, Except for War.

The house continues to refuse to negotiate. The Romney plan, passed twice by the House, was rejected twice. The presidents plan presented to the House shortly after the election and posted on the internet, has been totally ignored. John Boehner admitted “where’s the presidents plan? I haven’t seen it.”

Negotiation requires both plans be modified in compromise until they agree. The Ryan Budget which passed the house yesterday does the opposite. The Ryan Budget is even more egregious to the President, the Senate, and the working class than the Romney plan.

Ryan’s grandstanding denying the truth, “We want to balance the budget, they don’t”. The truth is the Republican war mongering and depression of the working class created the deficits that have been reduced every year since the GOP lost the white house. Democrats have done a lot to work toward a balance budget. The “balance the budget” claim is obviously smoke screen for his increases in Military spending, more war.

The “Destroy Obama at All Costs” is alive and well, even if it leaves some Americans to starve, many to die of easily treatable illnesses, children homeless, educational opportunities denied, and the economy in depression.

The Ryan budget tells us that America is too poor a nation and must let the hungry starve and leave the sick untended, children living in the street, and those who thirst for knowledge in ignorance. The Ryan budget shows no hint of “Christian Values”.

A person with a few million dollars in the bank will not suffer. The working class, 98% of America will. All democrats and only 10 republicans see the above facts. Boehner, Ryan, and friends must be too out of touch to understand the pain they cause or they just don’t care.

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To the Right Wing racist, they all look alike.

“viewers of last night’s History Channel movie “The Bible” had to do a double take at the stunning resemblance between Mohamen Mehdi Ouzaani, the actor who played the devil, and America’s top dog.”;_ylt=AwrNUbA_6khRnAUATs7QtDMD

Only if all black men look alike to you. Do a self check, how racist are your eyes?

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Note to Note to Michele Backmann: The President is not into distortions and false statements.

Michele Backmann Stated that the president will not tell you 70 cents of every dollar goes to benefit bureaucrats. Of course he won’t, because it is not true. Obama leaves distortions and false statements to the Tea Party.

Medicaid Doctors cut their fees and their own incomes to accept a lower Medicaid rate. Landlords cut their rent charges to accept housing subsidies as full payment. They receive payment directly from the government for providing services to the poor. That accounts for the true statement that 70 cents of every dollar goes to those who serve the poor.

Backmann falsely interprets “those who serve the poor” as meaning Bureaucrats. Michele Backmann again shows her gross ignorance by her false inflammatory rhetoric and shameless grandstanding that further poisons the dialog preventing reasonable debate.

These types of statements from Michele do qualify her as a great Tea Party spokesman.

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John Boehner “Can’t Imagine” Senator Rob Portman’s Gay Marriage Views Shifting”. It begins.

John Boehner can’t imagine someone with the intestinal fortitude to speak his mind in opposition to the party line. John Boehner certainly has made it clear his learning, growth, and development ended in childhood where it is suppose to saying “It’s what I grew up with.”

Senator Rob Portman can expect a heavily RNC funded primary challenge for openly opposing the republican party line. However, he has joined 100 other republican congressmen in urging the US Supreme Court to end DOMA. The RNC has a busy primary season ahead.

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Paul Ryan rerun: 2008 election and 2012 election. Working across the isle?

Much of the 2008 presidential campaign was about universal health care. Paul Ryan still proposes repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Much of the 2012 presidential campaign concerned medicaid, here Paul Ryan again attacks  medicare on the losing side.

This move would add 716 Billion to the federal deficit. The 716 billion the congressional budget committee says the PPACA saved. This savings was the 716 billion of waste in medicare that the PPACA eliminated without effecting patient benefits.  Why reinstate waste? Simple, this is money paid for no service making hospital administrators, the rich, richer.

Republicans lost, not because they could not get their message across, but because we are listening and the majority of Americans are NOT STUPID. There does exist a small minority that believes everything he says without thought, they are called the Tea Party.

This is not trying to find a middle ground and working out a solution to this nations problems. This is clearly a maneuver to further divide this country against itself. This has no chance of actually happening and he knows it.

Keep talking Paul Ryan, we are listening and you will go the way of Mitt.

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Rand Paul grandstanding is holding up the very progress he is calling for.

Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennen confirmation calling for transfer of Drone program to the military is delaying John Brennen’s stated plan to transfer the Drone program to the military.

It is time for the Senator to leave his tiny table, tiny teacups with imaginary tea, surrounded by imaginary friends and face the world as an adult.  Pretending not to know what is going on in the world around him, like John Boehner is so fond of doing, is bad.  Rand Paul goes one step further, he truly is ignorant of the real world.

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Majority of Republicans vote against the Violence Against Women Act.

The Act passes anyway since 100% of the democrats voted for it.

Why is it important? Law enforcement cannot enforce laws that do not exist. The Violence Against Women Act is a vital tool for Law enforcement to use to protect women. Republicans are against this is both houses of congress. Democratic Party unity, a rare commodity, made it happen.

Democratic Party, are you learning yet? Women in America, are you learning yet?

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Reason is beginning to win over Madness. I am optomistic

The house is set to pass the Violence Against Women Act. The Republican opposed legislation is expected to pass by a wide margin tomorrow.  Is this a signal that the GOP obstructionists have been defeated?

Outside of the Fox News propaganda machine, the tea party has not been heard from all week. If reason is beginning to win over madness, the sequester will not last long.

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Tea Party

The Tea Party is a creation of the inflammatory rhetoric used by Republican Party before and during the 2008 presidential campaign.  Those who swallowed the distortions of John McCain, Sarah Palin and others without thinking were propelled so far to the right they fell off the scale.  “Right Wing Conservatives” usually stay within the realm of plausibility.  The Tea Party does not.

The refusal to accept the facts that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, is not a socialist, is not a Muslim, Is not affecting a government take over of health care, is not trying to take away all guns, is not negotiating with terrorists, is not deporting undesirable illegal aliens, and so on and so forth leaves the Tea Party members in a world that does not exist.

The Tea Party is not right wing.  They sit at a child’s table with imaginary friends in an imaginary world like most young children did.  Most people get over that world of make-believe and actually live in the real world.  The problem is they have taken this world of make-believe into the US congress.

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