No Child Left Behind

(You can’t solve a problem by throwing money at it, unless the problem is lack of funds)

Ronald Reagan promised 2 big things.  First, Local school boards built this nation so we must get big government out of local school issues.  Second, National Defense is the primary responsibility of Federal government so America’s military must be increased.

Reagan then stripped the federal education budget leavening states to scramble for funds to support education. This problem persists to this date.

Reagan then diverted the education funds to a $1 trillion peace time military buildup that we are still paying for.

Every effort by Bill Clinton to help education  was obstructed by congress.

The next president from Reagan’s party completely reversed Reagan’s position by dictating from Washington what local school boards must do.

Local School Boards still do not have the funds to improve education. Now they don’t have the freedom to address their communities issues.


3 thoughts on “Education

  1. jenshua

    What about the funds we waste on unnecessary road construction? I see too many construction workers putting trees and flowers in the middle of our roads! What the hell are we doing spending money like that for landscape on the roads when our children’s education is suffering due to lack of funds! Especially, in a povery stricken state such as New Mexico. It’s backwards! Save the landscaping for community service and put the money back into our school! Last year when my son needed to register for the new semester, I was told that his $50 computer graphic fee needed to be paid or he would not be able to register for his sophomore year. We have to pay for electives that they are forced to take or they can’t go to school? OUTRAGEOUS!

    • Yes it is.
      Shortages in NM Schools is a result of NM spending cuts and elimination of most federal funding. Bruce King increased education funding every year for his 8 years and brought NM per pupil spending up to average. Gary Johnson eliminated all 8 years of progress in his first 3 months putting NM near the low end. It has stayed there since.
      Highway projects including putting flowers in the medians are the tail end of the stimulus spending to provide employment in high unemployment areas, like NM.
      Neither the state nor the fed want to increase spending on education. Republican’s continue to push the Romney Plan. Cut everything. Everything is a waste of money. American is too poor to afford top quality education. As long as NM continues to elect people who think this way, NM will continue to get just what we have. Poor schools and miss-allocated resources.

      • PS: Every bill proposed by Obama to help private business hire new employees has been rejected in the House. The republican Romney plans clams that America is too poor to employ its people. The Obama plan is to create National wealth by employing everyone in the private sector. See my post on “Size of Government”.

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