NSA following GOP law, blame it on Obama.

The US Presidency is the most powerful office in the world. It is also the most checked. The President is bound by law. The president cannot amend law, that is the exclusive domain of congress. 

In 2005 Senator Obama, joined by Senator John Kerry and Chuck Hegal, strongly fought against “Government fishing expeditions” provided for in the Patriot Act.

GW Bush and friends passed the Patriot Act requiring the NSA to defend the country in the manor that continues today. By law, the NSA must proceed with the practices opposed by Senator Obama.

Federal courts have struct down some provisions of the Patriot Act but only the GOP obstructionist congress can make the necessary changes in the Patriot Act and end all of the Unconstitutional practices. The GOP has refused.

Here in 2013, bound by law, the NSA continues massive data collection.

Can the congress get over the blame game and just do what Obama said they should do back in 2005? 

Destroy America and blame it on Obama.

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