Keep the tax, dump the services, another GOP scam.

A repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, would reinstate the 761 million a year in government waste eliminated by the law. The attempted repeal failed dozens of times. 

Bills have been introduced to alter the Affordable Care Act. Proposals to keep the taxes that are to pay for health care, taxes on 98% of Americans, and eliminate the health care. These proposals also failed.

The current “defund Obamacare” campaign is another attempt to keep the tax and eliminate the health care. This would be another increase of the 98% share of the tax burden to pay the under-taxed 1%’s share. 

There is nothing fair, just, or equitable about keeping the tax money and not providing the health care. This is just another GOP scam to oppress the middle class and add to the wealth of the 1%. 

Cancelling the “Medical Device Tax” simply undermines the funding of the Affordable Care Act and increases the National Debt. The ACA is a set of insurance regulations that includes both taxes and benefits. The medical device tax is a tax on corporations. Eliminating parts without balance is another attempt to derail the law and insure that the goal of Heath Care for all Americans is never reached.

GOP goal is clear, increased oppression of the middle class. Increasing the Tax burden on 98% of Americans while protecting the wealthy 1% and Corporations is the clear goal of the GOP. 

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2 thoughts on “Keep the tax, dump the services, another GOP scam.

  1. Rob

    Although the crisis of the moment seems to be abating, the next emergency is already scheduled. Our continuous crisis of governance has not been resolved.

    I can see only two possible resolutions. Either a majority of Americans must accept their role as serfs, or historically low tax rates on historically unprecedented concentrations of wealth must be adjusted, which would require that fewer Republicans be elected to public office.

    How much longer can we ignore the abject failure of our thirty-year experiment with increasingly less progressive taxation than existed when the middle class was growing rather than shrinking? The evidence is in, and it is conclusive. It is a thriving middle class that fuels job creation and economic growth, not a fantastically wealthy ruling class.

    The radical plutocrats who call themselves conservatives are fond of repeating that business hates uncertainty, yet they force the government to lurch from one scheduled crisis to the next, and use each successive hostage crisis to demand further punishment be inflicted on society at large in the cause of further concentrating the wealth of the nation.

    It has been said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. By that definition, those who claim lower marginal tax rates will create general prosperity are insane, but I don’t think they really believe that. They are just trying to deceive the public. I think they want to transform the U.S. into a hereditary oligarchy.

    Just as the Confederate ideologues believed that servitude was a divinely endowed blessing for the benefit of their slaves, the powers behind the front groups who issue marching orders to the GOP seem to believe that oligarchy would be for the benefit of everyone, if only the vast majority would give up their silly dream of sharing in the wealth created by their own work.

    Of course, in a democratic Republic peopled with immigrants and the descendants of immigrants—who came here to escape that kind of thinking—it is necessary to conceal that agenda at all costs. That is why GOP policies seem designed to do the opposite of their stated intent: the intended result really IS the opposite of the stated intent.

    • You make a variety of very fine points. Very well said. I do feel it is more the selling out for cash than any real belief in anything other than the dollar. The 20%+ that still hold a favorable opinion of the GOP are simply the group that “you can fool all the time”.
      I short, no principles involved, only money.
      Thanks for reading and your input, you enrich this blog.

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