Everyone lost the Sequester Battle, except maybe corporations.

Now that everyone lost, (especially the middle class and poor)  will the war between GOP and Democrats finally end?

Common sense tells any businessman that if your biggest costumer cuts its spending, that business will decline. The federal government is the biggest customer of US business.

There is no majority to agree on everything. Congress has the opportunity to focus on one program at a time, polls show that a majority exists to increase funding to it. Whatever it is. The grand bargain, a complete budget as all previous congresses have passed since 1776, appears to be beyond this congresses ability.

The lingering affects of the “destroy Obama at all costs” philosophy has prevented congressional action required to allow businesses to create jobs. All job creating legislation has died in the House.

The house has repeatedly used the excuse that it is fiscally irresponsible to spend anything to create jobs and what we need is smaller government. This is from the party that handed Obama a 1.2 trillion budget deficit, a collapsed economy, and grew the federal government by 2.5 million employees. The federal job creation simply offset some of the private sector devastation of the George W Bush era republican congresses.

Legislation passed by the Democratic congress in 2008 and 2009 began a recovery. Executive actions, such as the loan to that saved the auto industry, did save millions of jobs. Congressional inaction, Republican dominated house and Republican filibustered Senate, continues to squeeze the recovery began in 2009 and choke off the ability of business to create employment just as they have done from 2000 to 2008.

If there was a winner it is corporations as indicated by the stock market. Now that corporations have more money than ever, where is all the job creation?The continued claim that helping the rich get richer will help employment needs to be eliminated from the conversation. Regardless of the appearance of wisdom, this philosophy has 30+ years of empirical data proving it is folly.

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